FLAMOGUEO - Inflatable puff with silver glitter - BRILLI SILVER



Inflatable puff with glitter for the bedroom or outdoors available in three colours.

The inflatable armchair is perfect for decorating your home and giving a special touch to any room or living room. We made this new version with thicker, more durable material, perfect for sitting down to read a book, play games or hang out with friends. We gave it our most flamingo touch with glitter, of course. You just have to decide on your favorite color. 😌

High quality double valves. They have two openings, first you open them both to inflate them initially, then you close one and finish inflating them without the air escaping. When you finish you just have to close them and that's it ✅

This is the latest improved version of our famous Brilli Brilli, here are its main features:

- Transparent design with exclusive Flamingueo glitter

- PVC with a thickness of 0.3 mm

- 50g of glitter for extra shine

- Logo printed on the seat of the inflatable puff

- Reinforcement ring at the base to ensure stability and safety when sitting

-Extra large dimensions with measurements 100 x 110 x 75 cm

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